Our Mission...
is to enhance the quality of life for veterans through engaging incommunity activities, fundraisers, financial assistance, resources, job readiness, employment and career training, entrepreneurial goals, financial and credit health, and interacting through sports, physical 
fitness and exercise, therapeutic, and holistic wellness programs.

Our Goal
is to create a wealthy system of resources, activities and opportunities in which veterans of Greater Atlanta can experience the full 
benefit of services, activities, programs, and resources that expand beyond common reach of their goals allowing them to achieve 
the fullest capacity of well being.

Our Vision...
is to create a whole community that understands, embraces, and welcomes veterans with the full understanding of their commitment 
to serve, their passion to protect and willingness to fight for the rights of American citizens. To build a bridge that connects veterans to 
civilian life so that they can completely “come back home” and still maintain the spirit and pride of having served and enjoy the full 
benefits of a quality of life, their individual and family experiences and the camaraderie of their peers.
Founded by a veteran, the Atlanta Veterans Association provides fellow veterans the opportunities to continue honoring their service
in their communities, a foundation to utilize their training and an environment where their skills create results that make a difference. 
We welcome veterans and their family members to share in a wealth of programs and benefits our organization has to offer.

From partnering with local businesses, agencies and nonprofits, Atlanta veterans are able to engage in programs such as mentoring 
youth in our communities and participating in sports and recreational activities. 

Our members have access to programs that provide entertainment to support others, uplift the ill and comfort the grieving or just to 
bring good cheer. We create employment opportunities, career and development training and support programs to help financially, emotionally and mentally sustain our fellow veterans having a rough time. Our holistic approach to program development offers care 
for the veteran community as well as that of our civilian counterparts.

Veterans are highly-trained, skilled, qualified, competent and motivated motivated individuals who committed ourselves to defending 
our great nation and protecting the people we serve. That task does not end with military service. We still have the passion and drive 
to be part of something bigger and greater than ourselves and that's our communities and the world at large.

We're the same people who took a sworn oath to stand up against the opposition that threatens our rights, peace and freedom. 
We are Veterans. 


Transitioning, Transforming 
& Transcending the 
Quality of Life for Veterans