The Mission of the Allegiance Veterans Choir is to provide an educational platform about Military Veterans to our communities.  We share the experiences of having served on active duty, the types of careers, missions, and what day to day living was like.  The choir carries a message of faith, hope, love, peace and joy to our community and the world by coming together through music. Our seasonal selections include Christmas carols and songs of peace, unity, love and freedom.

The multi-voice choir performs at community and corporate events, radio and television broadcasts, hospitals, fundraising benefits, memorials, churches and for inmates and other functions.

Celebrity and special guest singers and musicians are invited to perform with us.

Funds from Allegiance's performances support Veterans programs.
Allegiance Veterans Choir is a volunteer effort performing modern, contemporary music, top hits and inspirational music as well as traditional spirituals and original songs.  We welcome veterans from all branches of military service to participate.