Military and Veteran's family income is often reduced because the military member is ordered to relocate or a spouse is required to quit their job to relocate the family. Sometimes the expense of care for the wounded soldier or veteran can cause debilitating stress on family members or other caregivers.Expenses for families may significantly or drastically increase causing financial stress and challenges to personal credit.
The types expenses impacted can be due to:
Travel and lodging for patient hospital visits and care.
Utility bills
Car Insurance costs
Childcare expenses
Mortgage or rental expenses
Medical expenses

Our services extend to the spouses or dependents caring for Veterans as well as members of their support network.  

Researchers estimate there are over 500,000 women and men who are providing care or have provided care for military members or veterans who served in Iraq or Afghanistan. Military caregivers are at higher risk for financial difficulty, health concerns, and long term support than their civilian counterparts.