In 2016, the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) estimated that on any given night there were over 47,000 homeless veterans sleeping on American streets. There are more than 700 homeless veterans in greater Atlanta on any given night. About one-third of the adult homeless population in the US are veterans. 

While only 8% of Americans are veterans, 17% of our homeless population is made up of veterans. The number of homeless female veterans is on the rise: 
in 2006, there were 150 homeless female veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars; in 2011, there were 1,700. That same year, 18% of homeless veterans assisted by the VA were women. Female veterans are two to three times more likely to be homeless than any other group in the US adult population. Women veterans and those with disabilities including post traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury are more likely to become homeless, and a higher percentage of veterans returning from the current conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq have these characteristics. Veterans between the ages of 18 and 30 are twice as likely as adults in the general population to be homeless, and the risk of homelessness increases significantly among young veterans who are poor.

Despite only accounting for 12.8% and 15.4% of the U.S. population, roughly 56% of all homeless veterans are African-American or Hispanic. Over 50% of homeless veterans have disabilities.  Half suffer from mental illness; PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and Traumatic Braining Injury (TBI).  Two-thirds suffer from substance abuse problems; and many from dual diagnosis (both mental illness and a substance abuse problem).  As a result of behavioral issues which may result in facing legal charges, many veterans are engaged in the Veterans Treatment Court where the focus is on treatment and rehabilitation rather than jail time.

Homeless veterans spend an average of nearly six years homeless, compared to four years reported among non-veterans. Three times as many veterans currently struggling to pay rent or mortgages, maintain utilities, buy food and personal items, face an increased risk of becoming homeless...

The Atlanta Veterans Association provides assistance and resources to homeless veterans to aid, support and help prevent homelessness through 
our Homeless Heroes program and exclusively for women veterans throughour initiative, Our Sister's Room.

Although veterans may receive temporary shelter or permanent housing through various programs, it becomes a challenge for many to pay for the costs of maintaining a place to live. 

The veteran is responsible for basic living expenses such as utilities and food, and may be required to pay a portion of their rent. If these expenses are not met, the veteran may lose his or her shelter.  If the utilities are cut off the residence would not measure up to required health standards rendering it unlivable and the veteran may be forced to vacate the premises.
A Mile In My Boots
A Mile In My Shoes
Through donations and fund raising the program provides financial assistance to veterans in shelters, transitional homes and housing to assist with utilities, food, transportation, and other necessities who face the threat of homelessness due to little or no income.
"There is no uniform for the homeless. Their plumage is the same as yours." MoreWithLessMom
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The program collects and distributes greatly needed socks and shoes to veterans all year round.  Coats hats, scarves and blankets for homeless veterans living in shelters and transitional homes as well as low income veterans and their families are collected seasonally.
We invite veterans and their family members to submit their stories about their experiences with homelessness and struggles to defend against the risks of becoming homeless again.

*Funds are available on a limited seasonal basis only. 
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Homeless Heroes is an Atlanta Veterans initiative established to help end the sufferings, bitterness, struggles, poverty and financial frustrations of our homeless veterans.   The program is dedicated to providing the basics needs, housing, meals, food and clothing, in addition to furniture, financial assistance and education, job readiness and employment assistance and other resources.

We seek to transform the lives of veterans and their families by defeating the path that leads to homelessness and a lack of access to a quality of life. We are committed to services that sustain and maintain the dignity of our veterans.

 holistic approach: We provide the skills training critical to succeed in an office environment, along with the social service support our students need to prosper in their personal lives. We also provide a lifetime of post-graduate services, including job placement assistance, ongoing mentoring from staff and volunteers, support groups, additional training seminars, and numerous networking opportunities with alumni and business professionals.