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Veteran members must meet the following qualifiers for membership in AVA.  An individual must meet all criteria in order to become a member. 

1: Citizenship – must be a U.S. Citizen or U.S. National.

2.  Veteran and Military applicants must have established residency in the state of Georgia. (Non Georgia residents may join as Ambassadors or Supporting members).

4.  Must have served or is currently serving as an active duty, reserve, national guard or coast guard member of the US Armed Forces.

5.  All  Veteran and Military applicants must provide proof of service (DD-214).

 Click here for information on how to obtain your DD214

See full eligibility details here

Atlanta Veterans Association MEMBERSHIP is FREE to all eligible US MilitaryVeterans
Complete the membership application below.  
There is an annual processing fee for all members which includes a basic member identification card and certificate of membership.
Premium Member Photo Identification Card 
Basic Member Identification Card
Veteran Member
Membership is Free to US Military Veterans
*US Military Veterans may join AVA regardless of type of discharge, dates or length of service.
Annual registration $29
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Active Duty Member
Active Duty US Military personnel may join AVA and upgrade upon discharge
Annual Membership $39
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Ambassador Member 
Veteran & Active Duty spouses, dependents and widows may join AVA as Ambassadors.
Annual Membership $49
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Supporting Member
 Family and friends of Veterans & Active Dutymay join AVA as Supporting Members. 
Annual Membership $59
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Ambassador member eligibility:
(Unlimited number of immediate family members)
Current Spouse
Annual membership dues $40

Supporting Member eligibility: 
(Family & friends of veterans and active duty members):
Friends and other family members
approved by the Veteran member
Annual membership dues $50
Complete the appropriate membership application below:
Atlanta Veterans Association Membership Application
 Complete the application below. Submit the one-time $25 processing fee.
Veteran must upload a copy of their DD-214/215, DD Form 256, or NGB Form 22/22-a.
*Click here for other accepted documentation for proof of service
The Atlanta Veterans Association requires that all members adopt the organizational Code of Ethics and conduct themselves accordingly.

1. I pledge to maintain a high level of personal and professional integrity as a member of the Atlanta Veterans Association.

2.  I will conduct my personal and professional actions in such a manner that is befitting to the Atlanta Veterans Association's mission, goals, vision and values.

3.  I will conduct myself in a manner that promotes cohesiveness, builds respect, comaraderie and credibility among my fellow members the general public and my community.

4.  I agree that the Atlanta Veterans Association is committed to the inclusion of all and does not discriminate against any person or organization based on age, race, gender, color, creed, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, transgender status, gender identity, gender expression, ancestry, marital status, veteran or military status, political service, affiliation, disability or any other characteristics protected by U.S. Federal law and the laws of the State of Georgia.  

Obtaining a DD214:

To order or replace a DD-214 please complete the GSA Standard Form 180.  
"The "Request Pertaining To Military Records" is available from any office of the Veterans’ Affairs or state veterans’ departments. The form must be completed, signed by the veteran or deceased veteran's next of kin and submitted and processed by the National Archives and Records Administration in order to receive the information requested and/or authorize the release of the information to the Atlanta Veterans Association.

Veteran Proof of Service Letter
A veteran proof of service letter serves as proof of honorable service in the uniformed services. The letter can be obtained through the upgraded eBenefits premium (free) account access. A YouTube tutorial on how to obtain this premium access is available on the VA VAntage Point Blog. After upgrading to an eBenefits premium account, follow these instructions to obtain your letter: (1) Log into your account on the eBenefits homepage; (2) at the top of the page under the eBenefits logo, hover your mouse over the "Manage" tab. In the dropdown that appears below it, click on "Documents and Records;" (3) in the left column on the following page, click on "VA Letters;" (4) at the bottom of the following page, click on "Veteran Proof of Service;" and (5) print.

For more on veteran benefits and how to access them, visit the Benefits Center.

If other information is needed or if a veteran’s DD-214 is not complete, they can contact the National Personnel Records Center online or at 314-801-0800 to request more information.

If your records were destroyed in the National Archives Fire of 1973
It can be very difficult to prove military service if your records were destroyed in the National Archives Fire of 1973. But it may not be impossible. Some people may be able to prove their military service from payroll or tax records, copies of old military service documents, orders, copies of military awards or decorations, photos in uniform, written statements from those they served with, newspaper clippings, old military records from their previous base, unit, or other organization, old state records if they served in the National Guard, or through other means.

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We take great pride, in serving our veterans. There are five primary requisites for membership in the Atlanta Veterans Association:

1: Citizenship – must be a U.S. Citizen or U.S. National.

2. Must have served more than 180 days in the US Armed Forces or be currently serving.

3. Veteran and Military applicants must have established residency in the state of Georgia. (Non Georgia residents may join as Ambassadors or Supporting members).

4. Must have served or is currently serving as an active duty, reserve, national guard or coast guard member of the US Armed Forces.

5. All Veteran and Military applicants must provide proof of service (DD-214).Veteran and US Armed Forces members eligibility for AVA membership:

The veteran and Armed Forces applicant must have served on active duty for more than 180 days (i.e., for other than training purposes) in a branch of the U.S. armed forces. The term “training purposes” means active duty for training (“ACDUTRA”) in a Reserve or Guard component, or initial training (e.g., boot camp) in an active component. Evidence of greater than 180 days of active service (as shown on the “Total Active Service” or “Net Active Service This Period” line of the DD Form 214 generally qualifies the applicant for membership. Applicants with less than 180 days of active service, who were separated due to a service connected disability, are eligible for membership. .


1.  Application Process:

 After the applicant has filled out the application card, it should be provided to the Membership Department together with the dues (and admission fee, if applicable). A receipt shall be provided to the applicant. An applicant may be recommended after eligibility has been fully verified and determined by the Membership Reviewing Committee. With respect to a department member-at-large, the Director of Member Services is responsible for the eligibility determination. The original application of every member will be retained on file with the Director of Member Services.

Voting on Applications. Before voting on the application during a Membership Reviewing Committee meeting, the Director of Member Services shall allow the members present an opportunity to state their objections, if any, to the admission of the applicant. Unless one member present shall request a written ballot, a vote shall be taken and a majority of the votes cast shall decide acceptance or rejection of the application.

Rejection of Applicant. Should an applicant be rejected by the post, the admission fee and dues shall be returned. The applicant shall be notified in writing of the decision and after one year (12 months), may again make application.

Notification. The member shall be notified of his acceptance and that he is in good standing, subject to the by-laws governing the organization. The member shall receive a membership card and will be eligible to receive a lapel pin.

Obligation. New post members may receive the obligation according to the ritual.

CHECKING ELIGIBILITY: Proof of service to establish eligibility for membership rests with the applicant. The post is responsible for assuring the eligibility of every member accepted to membership. A careful check of eligibility at the time a person joins will save a great deal of trouble and embarrassment later. A veteran who is not accepted for membership because of ineligibility at the time of application is only disappointed. A member who is removed for ineligibility after having paid dues for several years is justifiably angry.

Assuming that a person is a United States citizen or United States national and has an honorable discharge from the U.S. armed forces, it only remains to be proven that the person has earned a recognized campaign medal or badge; served in Korea between June 30, 1949, until present; or earned Hostile Fire or Imminent Danger Pay eligibility. Those people in the armed forces of the United States shall become eligible for membership immediately upon arrival on hostile soil, in hostile waters or the airspace above in the performance of service.

Discharges issued during and immediately after World War II have a section on the back listing the medals and decorations that have been earned. Persons discharged later received a DD-214, "Report of Separation" form, which lists the medals and decorations on the front. Lost separation documents can be replaced by completing and submitting GSA Standard Form 180, "Request Pertaining to Military Records."

There is always a possibility of an omission on the separation documents. If an applicant claims entitlement to a medal, which is not shown on the individual's separation papers, that person may request verification and correction of records by submitting a GSA Standard Form 180.