VetRECONNect helps veterans integrate into their communities on the level at which they're most comfortable. Credit repair services, local job boards and other resources provide support for transitioning Veterans to assist with reconnecting to civilian life
The Allegiance Veterans Gospel Choir is an Interfaith volunteer community choir performing modern, contemporary gospel and inspirational music as well as traditional Spirituals and original songs. Click here to see more
Our Member Discount Program celebrates Veterans everyday by partnering with local businesses to offer our members exclusive discounts
Member Discount Program

Discount programs are offered exclusively to members of the Atlanta Veterans Association. This program is 
an initiative between AVA and local Atlanta merchants to recognize and thank our veterans, their family members, 
friends and supporters. The benefit is also offered to members who are reservists and serving on active duty.

Members are issued an identification card that identifies them as an AVA member to merchants participating in the 
program. Atlanta merchants have agreed to honor this card by providing our members with discounts on purchases 
or services, or some other special offer. 

The token of appreciation provided by this program could never be enough to fully acknowledge the sacrifices made by serving their country, it is our small way of saying, "thank you."

Allegiance Veteran’s Choir is a community choir performing modern, old school, jazz selections, popular music, contemporary, and inspirational music as well as traditional Spirituals and original songs Our mission is to carry a message of uplifting motivational messages, hope, love, peace and joy and pure entertaining fun to our Veterans and our community.  
The choir performs at events that support, raises awareness , and funds Veteran’s programs, causes , and issues including; community and corporate events, weddings and funerals, parades and ceremonies, radio and television broadcasts, hospitals, fundraising benefits, memorials, churches, correctional facilities and other functions.   

A program created to educate and train Veterans for careers and employment in Georgia's entertainment industry (Film, Television, Theater, & Music).  VGIFT offers short and long term intensive training programs ranging from production assistant, script writing, film production, directing, digital cinematography, photography, lighting & grip, editing, and more. Our programs are structured to encompass all aspects of Georgia's multi-billion dollar entertainment industry. 

VGIFT members can apply for grants, scholarships and tuition discounts or may be eligible for free training programs (*conditions apply)

VGIFT membership is just $25 per year.  To join VGIFT click here